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The Treasure Hunt Booty Post!

So, after much hard work (and tons of fun), here's what we've got:

1. 1. There once was a brother named Sammy
Who snuck out with a girl named Tammy
His brother was jealous
But Tammy was zealous
(My seats are still sticky and clammy.)

2. In Nebraska, a barfly named Ash
Kept wanting to fondle my dash
My upholstery groaned
And the barfly, he moaned
But my leather, it gave him a rash

3. At the Roadhouse, the owner named Ellen
Was not always so good at spellin'
John gave her some books
But she liked his looks
The night ended with her and John yellin'

4. The Winchester brother named Dean
Enjoys keeping me looking clean
But his looks that are flirty
Make ladies feel dirty
(Me too, if you know what I mean.)

5. In his day, they say one Bobby Singer
Had been quite the notable swinger
It's true he was gallant
And towed me with talent
When I had been put through the wringer.

2. The recipe(s) for Sam's (at least according to DEAN) and Dean’s favorite mixed drink(s)

3. An mp3 of Jensen singing

4. An mp3 of someone from your team singing the same song by trinity_clare


And in case you'd like to see what Kripke really allowed her to do, you can check out this interview. :)

6. A comic from the_dean_show that features an OFC.

7. Steve Carlson's middle name is Paul, and Chris Kane's middle name is Michael.



10. HERE is a discussion about a recent sighting in the latest episode.

Also, further evidence:

Brother Dean says, "He would always put a steel rod in between his legs as a kid. When me and my dad asked, Sam said he was trying to ride a moonbeam, like his friends did."

It has also been noticed, that Sam likes to lurk and graze quite often, normally wearing a sad expression. This emo face, however, may be caused by his giant "horn" being situated slightly lower than his companions'.

11. To be quite honest, we had more fun finding three different body parts, as opposed to just one. Our findings were a bit disturbing:

dizzastrous is interested in Jensen's lips o' doom.

giventofly37 is into his wonky eye.

Not to be outdone, soydolcelatte's poison is his finfernails.


"The only reason I went to college was to play basketball. I injured my knee and couldn't play," said Jeffrey in an interview with 2402EntertainmentOnline in 2003.

This cliche modus operandi that we hear of oh-so-many who literally 'fall' into the art of acting might sound innocuous. Simple, non-threating. Poor man, you may find yourself thinking. He could have been an athletic marvel, not just...a star.

Or, perhaps, this actor is better at his craft than could be believed.

rockpapersalt has done some digging on this proposed 'basketball injury', only to discover that our once pedestaled and beloved Jeffrey Dean is little more than a LYING LIAR WHO LIES.

The REAL story, for those of you reading who wish to have the crust wiped away from your eyes and the cold, brutal truth thrust into your vision, goes something like this:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan DID graduate from Lake Washington High School in the Seattle area in 1984. However, he did NOT make his way to a college in the area. NO, Jeffrey Dean had loftier plans than simple sports for his life. SO lofty and extreme, in fact, that when he reached for the sky, his world came tumbling down.

No, really.


Try 'Clown School'.



But that injury came in the form of a tumble from the tightrope that practically crippled the teenage Jeffrey Dean. His knee was twisted and broken; his spirit even more so.

And so, in 1986, just two years out of school and adrift on the sea of life, Jeffrey moved to New York and lived amongst a gaggle of young women in the dorms at Barnard. This misuse of injury and solicitation of sympathy is the true extent of Mr. Morgan's college education, a skill which he utilizes to this very day, creating an aura of warmth and manliness that woman fall for by the droves.


His House of Lies is like one built of cards; intricate and destined to crumble soon. rockpapersalt has uncovered the full extent of his reach, for a College has been founded in his name: JDM University!

Credentials? The man has NONE. How can he be 'waitng for YOU' when he never completed a series of courses himself? LIES! All lies, and your friendly team at rockpapersalt wishes to arm you with the above knowledge before you fall into this man's Venus Flytrap of seduction and fairytales.

THIS IS THE TRUTH. And if you don't believe it...

...could you PLEASE find something that disproves it???? We're going INSANE over here!


15. A link to an SPN fanfic that purports to contain both schmoop AND angst



18. The most over-the-top Supernatural or J2 LJ layout, used by one lfg1986

19. It's grainy, it's blurry, and Dean only has one nipple. But it is totally the right one!
(Plus, we are all seriously amused by what Cassie seems to be looking at.)


Or, an icon arabella_hope made a while back:

And as a bonus, a manip she did ages ago - JARED IN UNDEROOS!

21. Dean and Sam are in the Impala and have just defeated a succubus in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. They drive through Hell, Michigan and exorcise a demon, then they get rid of a poltergeist in a gay bar near Big Bone Lick State Park in Kentucky. They check out a Wendigo in Gnaw Bone, Indiana, then stay in Paradox, Colorado for a few days to try and figure out how they accidentally became their own grandfathers. By the time they have breakfast in Two Egg, Florida, how many miles have they traveled? (answers in km also acceptable)

Answer: Dean does not measure in miles.

But their latest trip was one hell of a rollump, resulting in three Snickers wrappers shoved under the front seat, sixteen bathroom breaks (a few times for Dean, but most for Sam to fix his foo-foo hair, and NO, Dean does not have an incontinence problem, thankyouverymuch), one squirmy day in the front seat and a few dark, purpling bruises (once again, thanks to Sam and his jealousy issues and Dean is SO sick and tired of Sam not seeing the humor in names like Gnaw Bone and Big Bone Lick, cuz that shit was FUNNY but Sam doesn't have to be so damn VIOLENT in his possessiveness, Dean was just bending that way to obtain information, not to show off his ass, hot as it it), and a dozen disposable razor blades to get rid of those damn scruffy beards that sprouted out of their chins over in Colorado (Seriously? Age-line, what is Sam smoking?). By the time the got to Two Eggs (how you like 'em in the morning, Sammy? Dean had leered and COME ON, that's just fucking classic), they were down to little more than a quarter bottle of lube and $30 cash, so yeah. It was one hell of a trip and Sam better check his attitude if he wants Dean to scrap them together some money at that dive across the street.

Or, Sam will just tell you that they traveled 4213.6 miles or a total driving time of 64 hours, 51 minutes and show you this handy map of their route:

22. The arrangement of moles on Sam’s back bear a resemblance to what celestial constellation?

Wow, the pattern of moles on Jared's back is special in that it resembles TWO whole constellations, not just one. Triangulum (Triangle) and Triangulum Australe (Southern Triangle). It's triangle-rific!


Triangulum Australe (Southern Triangle):

23. A link to the worst, yet funniest Dean Forrester Gilmore Girls fic.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you Dean & Rory.

24. "Dominicos sanctae ecclesiae! Terogamus audi nos!"

That had done it. The final words of the exorcism rang out in the room, and Bobby lifted his head, tilted back, and allowed the stream of black smoke to erupt from his mouth. It billowed up towards the devil's trap on the ceiling, then curved out the window, down into what they knew was beneath the soil.

It had been three years since they begun the war, the war they were told they couldn't overcome. Dean still remembered those seven deadly sins, still felt the hot pressure of Lust's lips on his. But that was over. This, this war, everything that had come out of hell had gone back. He, Sam, and Bobby exchanged a look. They still had work to do, probably always would. But not this work -- not anymore.

"So? Now what?" Sam looked at him with his jaw clenched, brow furrowed.

"Now?" He broke out into a grin. "Now, we eat." Sam shook his head. So did Bobby. This was back to normal.

And they lived happily ever after.

25. (Sung to the tune of Kanye West's "Stronger")

Writing, ficcing, flailing makes us crazy, weirdo, insane fangirls!

All, all, all that you see now
Is the best we have to offer
We needed to hurry up now
We couldn't wait much longer
For ya'll to see what we've been up to
Since the thirteenth of October
We're the ones that couldn't make it
To Los Angeles, California

Writing, ficcing, flailing makes us crazy, weirdo, insane fangirls. More than ever, soon November, work it -- Let's sing it right now!

Let's have fun tonight
We could look at J-squared some tonight
Looking at pics and manips tonight
We hope you got good stuff to say tonight
Scouring the Net for a day, or more
Dayum, they don't make this easy no more
We asked, 'cause we're not sure,
"Do anybody write good fic anymore?"

Looking for screencaps of Jensen
And Jeffrey Dean's college education
You should be honored by our patience
Necessary for great manipulations
So go ahead, go nuts, go apeshit!
Give us ten or more points for our greatness
Act like you can't tell who rocked this
(Even when sites were down for maintenance)
So take this, haters!

All, all, all that you see now
Is the best we have to offer
We needed to hurry up now
We couldn't wait much longer
For ya'll to see what we've been up to
Since the thirteenth of October
We're the ones that couldn't make it
To Los Angeles, California

Writing, ficcing, flailing makes us crazy, weirdo, insane fangirls. More than ever, soon November, work it -- Let's sing it right now!

We don't know how other teams did tonight
If they had a plan tonight
To do as well as we did tonight
But we know that we worked hard tonight
This booty is the best that we're gonna be
And we hope that we take the lead
Shoulda had five muses, we had only three
We're trippin', we read so much bad!fic tonight
Watched "Born Under a Bad Sign" tonight
And also found everything we had to find
We heard that second place is all right
But we'll do anything for the top prize
And I'll do anything just to rhyme right
This team did everything for the limelight
Yeah -- this hunt just made us...

Write more, fic more, flail more, love more.

All, all, all that you see now
Is the best we have to offer
We needed to hurry up now
We couldn't wait much longer
For ya'll to see what we've been up to
Since the thirteenth of October
We're the ones that couldn't make it
To Los Angeles, California

And that's all we have! On behalf of all my team members, thanks for giving us this really fun opportunity to play. Some of this was individual contributions, others were group efforts, but everybody did an awesome job. Thanks again! ♥
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